Somewhere I wish I could be right now – Les Laurentides

After spending this first second semester month in Finland, I’m waiting for summer. Snow is melting, spring is so early and everything feels so depressing, grey and actually very ugly. 

Those day have been thinking about last summer a lot, in Quebec (canada) I miss my friends, my life over there. everything was all about friends, discovery, chill and a bit of work! But I’m dreaming about those camping days in “Les Laurentides”, amazing weather, nobody around, fire camp and canoes.

“Les Laurentides” is located in the north of Saint Laurent river, near Montreal, it’s a lake land with hills, natural beaches and amazing sunsets everyday. You can see the stars in summer and listen to the sweet sound of silence (if there is no mosquitos to disturb this!).

We went there paddling canoes(I was taking pictures and taking sun bath in the boat) and slept 2 nights. We brang hammock, water toys, good food, beers, swimsuits, happiness and stories. It’s been one of my favorite moment during my trip in Canada because phones were off, nobody could disturb us, it was wild, back to nature and lake-bath, nothing but us and the wood. It’s been the most relaxing moment I’ve ever felt before coming in Finland, of course (Here it’s relaxing everyday!).

But I miss this time and everybody there, It’s been an amazing trip (should I say internship?) and I will be back for sure in Canada. I’m not done with you, wild and huge country! Next step probably the west part : Banff is one of my dream!

See you soon lovely Quebec. 


Lifestyle in Finland – Erasmus experience

After one month of second semester here I currently have a lot of work but a lot of free time! This free time, I use it to enjoy every single day with sports, friends and snow! 

During last few weeks I tried some funny sports and I love them!

Air Yoga // Hot Yoga

This one has been a revelation to me! I’m now going every week to get some meditation moment, relaxation and stretching ! This sport is about Yoga but in a silk, you just let yourself go with the silk doing some Yoga positions but in the air (mostly). I became a real monkey! And actually, I feel like I should do more Yoga ’cause it relax me a lot and keep me calm! That’s why I decided to go to hot Yoga the week after which is Yoga in a warm room. It feel so good to stretch your body in give it some positive energy.


Pole Dance

No, I’m not becoming strip teaser or whatever but I tried Pole Dance and THIS is a real sport. It’s been very hard at the beginning to let myself go into the deep to turn around the pole, or to raise my leg when I already have my 2 hands and the other leg on the pole, it’s just about trusting yourself. It comes with time and at the end of the class I was able to do the exercices properly (but of course, forget the “sexy” part, I’m not able to make it esthetic yet!). I’m going back there this week and next week, I think I’ll become better and better and I could do some cool stuff on the pole!

As a sport this is one of the best I’ve ever tried, you really need to use all your muscles and contract your whole body. Plus, the atmosphere is very nice during courses and the other girls are here to help! But I might need magnesia for hands and body now cause the pole hurts so bad!


As usual, sunny weekend are about “taking a walk” here! And actually, this one has been one of the best cause the sun was warm, shinning, the sky was blue and my two girls are the best. It’s almost spring here, snow is melting, birds are singing, we don’t really get the winter anymore! This hike has been awesome I almost felt like in the mountain and we saw amazing landscapes and paths. I definitely love weekends in Finland.

Where am I now ?

Let’s start the country discovery with the country I’m currently leaving in : Finland.

Where exactly ? Kuopio! It’s city 400km far from the capital, Helsinki, in central Finland. For those who are wondering, yes I’m colder, colder than ever, we reached -32 ° a few days ago! But I’m still alive and I’ve quiet good clothes to fight the cold!

So what about Kuopio, and why am I there ? Kuopio is a lake city, the 8th biggest city of Finland (so not that big…) the nature is everywhere, forest and water take a lot of space here but it’s amazing, and depending on seasons everything changes. I choose Kuopio to study, Erasmus girl for one year, very nice situation I’ve to say : nothing to worry about, not that much work to do, free time to discover everything, friends from all over… you’re feeling international everyday in Erasmus!

Why did I choose Finland ? I choose northern country, my dream was to go to Norway but my school didn’t offer it so i took the only Scandinavian country they had to offer and it was Finland! I always dreamed to discover those mysterious countries with perfect working economy (from the extern point of view), breathless landscapes, weird culture (actually you never hear about it), snow everywhere and of course : Aurora Borealis & Lapland. When you ask any foreign student here in Finland and ask why they choose this country, 99% will answer that is because of Northern lights and Lapland. Who never dreamed to see the green lights in the sky and do huskies safari on a frozen lake ! Well that’s why I’m here! And I’m really happy here.

I’ll detail everything I’ve done since I’m here in some detailed posts…



There is one thing I like when I’m discovering a blog is to know who made it, why, and what are his/her life goals, habits, passions etc. I like to feel like I know this person because through a blog you give a lot of yourself even if your readers don’t know you personally. So first, let’s get to know each other, I’ll start!

Name : Mathilde, you can call me Mathou, Matoumata, Matt’ …

From : France, but I’m gonna write in english it’s way more cool (just kidding)

Profession : Student in Business and Marketing (or Panda depends on schedule)

Passions : Travelling, eating, singing under the shower!

Pets : A (not that lovely) beautiful she cat !

What I love to do when I’m travelling : hiking – walking in general, discovering cultures & people, jump into the water (sea, lakes, waterfalls, pools…), eating local food, get lost.

What I don’t like : That TGV isn’t international, for some reason I like this travelling comfort !

My biggest fear : Spiders, definitely, and it can be very complicated when they’re some around! Ask my parents…

Something (many things) I want to do : Meet my two best international friends (Canadian & Peruvian) on top of Matchu Picchu; Make a tour of Asia (Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam); going back to Australia; Discover Italy, Go anywhere in South America; Go hiking at Lake Tahoe (CA). That’s my minimum life goals… That’s a lot, but when you want you can.

My favorite food : Asian food definitely !

Favorite book : Just kidding I’m not reading (big default I know)

Something amazing I’ve done : Taking a bath with elephants in Nepal on the 24th of December #MerryChristmas

Something amazing I’ve seen : Aurora Borealis in Finland, I cried the first time I saw it (emotional little thing)

Something crazy that happened to me : Surviving at -30 degrees (feeling -38) in my city in Finland. #StillAlive

One stupid thing about myself : I can touch my nose with my tongue

Several things I miss when I’m abroad : My bed, red wine, family, my bests friends !

What I want to learn : Cross country skiing, ski touring, how to build a tent (LOL)

Favorite movie : “Into the wild”, of course.

A person who inspired me : A lot, some close friends, lovers, family but also people I met abroad because they gave me this open mind I have now.

My favorite trip until now : Nepal, because that’s where I found peace in mountains, help wherever I was, and the kindest people, they taught me a lot about myself and this trip changed me.

My favorite sky : Finland sky! No pollution, stars, amazing sunrises, amazing sunsets and aurora borealis.

My dream life in 20 years : A nice chalet in Alps, working for a french mountains material company in export level, a boyfriend why not, and mountain life forever because I need a place where I can breath. And If it’s not in France, it will be anywhere I can find nature, nice sky, and not too far from snow flakes!

Something I can’t live without : Dark chocolate

Something I wish I had : Orientation instinct !!! Get lost all the time and loosing time going in the wrong direction isn’t funny believe me!

I think you know a lot about me now, quiet a lot, of course I won’t tell you my deepest secrets but I’m sure you can imagine which kind of person I am with all of those informations! And if you have questions…just ask! 

Now, your turn. Tell me about you! 

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