The Good and the Bad // Commercials

Ok, so right now I’m going to do something I like : Watching 100 000 commercials on youtube, get lost, cry, smile, get bored… and feel as much feelings as I can in 3 minutes if it’s not less, of a TV advertisement. That’s something I like because depending on how I feel I will understand why/how this video is good or not as a selling tool. Let’s do Marketing analysis! 

I’m gonna start with the good, my favorite commercial in the past two years has been the one of the FIAT 500 XL which is called “Blue pill”. –> Check it out !

I love this ad, first time I saw it I though “This is amazing”. I know today a lot of commercials a provocative and sexually oriented like if sex was actually a sale tool. But, that one makes a bit fun of that image of advertising today.

1- It’s an old couple, a grandpa with a leopard robe (which is actually very funny image, like you technically will never imagine your own grandpa like that, except if t’s Mike Jagger).

2- The old Italy village remind you the original car, the FIAT 500 that climbs everywhere in Italian hills…

3- Viagra pill is a bit taboo so it feels like at first you’re a bit surprised by the situation and don’t know what t expect.

4- The link between the car getting bigger after the viagra pill get inside it, everybody understand the meaning but still, it’s subtle, and that’s why we like it and why we laugh.

Actually, the point of this commercial is to use humour and surprise to make people by another version of a mythic car. Those transformations are sometimes a bit rough for a company because people don’t get “why did they change the original?” but here, when you see the XL version you just think “that’s because of the viagra pill ahahah”. And this is how the advert of this car is amazing, you technically think about viagra when you see the XL version and the market accepted this version pretty well thanks to it!


Then, let’s go with the bad one! I’m gonna be annoying and say that : it’s a Finnish advertisement. I’ve been to the cinema several times in Kuopio and I saw this awful commercial “Milton Painajainen” from Lidl –> Check it out, it’s very weird !

I don’t speak Finnish, but, commercials should be understand by absolutely everyone even without noise. I understand that one speak about dairy products, but that’s almost it. You have a viking coming up from the middle of nowhere during the ad it’s very not-understandable ! So I couldn’t even tell you what this commercial is about and that’s why to me it sounds like a bad one. Plus, it’s a bit dark, the music isn’t very happy or motivating, you just feel like “what’s happening?” when you’re watching this and you actually almost feel uncomfortable !
I think that when you sell a product, or a service, it has to be clear in the video and it has to give people envy to buy the product. Here, you see a guy completely freaked out holding sometimes some milk/yogurt in his hand and then staying in front of Lidl store, staring. I guess it means he’s addicted to dairy product from Lidl but the whole video doesn’t develop anything but weird facts/dreams.

Here were my best and my worst marketing video!