Pixlr & Cie

Today, as a class subject, we learn how to basically use Pixlr, it’s been quiet complicated and I’m not convince about this program if we don’t have any graphic tablet. But anyway, the plan was to use Layer and Layer mask to create a picture with a “hole” I’ll say that shows another picture. The example was with a window but I decided to use pictures from Saint Petersburg and use this cup of coffee from a famous chain and change the coffee cup into a souvenir cup. It’s not wonderful and amazing but I made it with the advices I got in class and manage to do it again at home so I’m quiet happy!

For more details I’ll explain quickly what are the main tools you can find on Pixlr, at least what I understood : 

  • Layer : A layer seems to be something you can edit, if you take your “image as a layer” you’re able to edit the image and all the elements on the image. If you want to delate something on the original image, add something, make a hole, move one piece it’s ok with layer, as long as it’s a layer you can do everything to your original image. When you’ve 2 layers you can play with it and mix them.
  • Invisibility : Invisibility is use to delete some default on the picture with the same background. If you’ve a black point on the sky of your picture you just use the tool “pipette” and then take some part of the blue sky and take the stamp to put it on the black point and make it disappear. It mostly work with small details otherwise you see the difference.
  • Layer mask : When you had a “layer mask” to your image, this one will be hidden in the back of another image of your choice and when you create a window/hole and the picture the layer mask will appear in this hole you made. To make some montage with 2 different picture is quite nice, for example you could make a fish form and it will be a flower pattern!
  • png, jpg, gif, etc formats :
    • GIF are creating for low resolution files and they support transparency that’s why they’re mostly used for logo, symbols etc because you don’t have any border and they can be put on any colours background. GIF support animation so they’re also use for that.
    • JPG are more for pictures and image with a lot of colours, they take in consideration way more colours than GIF that’s why they’re use by photograph etc who needs more precision, but the quality isn’t the best.
    • PNG is a bit like JPG but it’s made to be editing cause they don’t loose quality while being editing (JPG does) and they contain a lot of information so take a bit more space on computer because of this.

Right here you can find my amazing “piece of art”, I tried twice to save it normally but my computer was always developing a bug while saving it and in the end it never worked and I had to do the Pixlr work 3 times so I did a screenshot of the picture. I’m sorry about that! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 16.31.49

What about copyright ?

Copyright is about the belonging of an object on the web. If for example you take a picture of me, you’ve got the copyright of this picture because you took it. If somebody uses your picture for example for his blog, you can complain because it’s your picture and he used it without rights.

The definition of copyright is literally : “The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.” from Oxford dictionaries 

If you take pictures on google, all of them are not “out of rights” I will say, you can find some website or some indications that show you if you can take or not this picture for a public use. You need the “CC” nomination with means Creative commons on those pictures. Some website are available with exclusively CC pictures, for example Flickr that is very famous, and many other website that you can checkout HERE.