Digital marketing communication project : Kickstart

Ok, so after my kickstart presentation for this project I’m totally freaking out. I know everybody is saying it’s a good idea, it’s ambitious but you can do it, but there are so many things to figure out and I can’t manage to do it. 


First : protection of my idea. 

Should a create an association ? Should I make a copyright of it ? Should I do nothing ? It’s very hard to figure out how to react when you don’t have any experiences and that I choose to be alone to do it (not the best choice probably but I needed to assure myself some confidence).

Second : How to do it ?

Which platform ? What kind ? I’ve been thinking about community platform first because basically it’s more a community project but it looks like Linkedin too much and it’s not really the idea. So I’ve been looking for a market place peer-to-peer platform to develop something where all the community could react and publish etc, more like “blablacar”. But, it’s very expensive and I don’t have any funds of course #student. So in the end I decided to try simple way with WordPress but it appears to be too tricky with the free version because I can’t do everything I want and change design etc, you also need pro version for that. So I’m started thinking about crowdfunding to introduce the project and get funds to build something strong with interested people who believes in the project. Actually it could be a good way to see who would be interested…

Third : Time. 

I don’t have a lot of time to start the project properly here in my university, I’ve basically 2 months. Which is nothing. And I’ve so many ideas in my head to make the website complete, I don’t know where to start, it’s very hard to be on your own and get all those things in your head that provide you to sleep because you totally overthink about it all the time. I’ve everything done in my head, I know why I want to do it, what I want inside of it, I just don’t know how to put everything online. Shall I use paper ?

Of course, as long as the copyright is not done I’m not going to talk about it here as a full project description, just for you to know that right now : my brain is a mess!


CRM & Email Marketing : Not as hard as you think !

After the class of today, I’m able to talk to you about CRM and Email marketing (with is not SPAM !), of course it’s a first introduction, I didn’t use those tools yet but I figures those can be very useful, especially for start-up and small companies!

CRM : Customer relationship management ! crm1.jpg

What is it ? CRM is a strategy focus on the needs of customers using technologies and several clouds connect together.

It’s basically the fusion between your marketing team, your sales department, and your customer services that will bring to the next level your company  and calculate rather than speculate the marketing success. It organises team and build efficiency,  CRM bring your business on the way to success. Through this you can get more informations about customers with a good customers service which is good when you want to know if all needs are filled or if you’ve done any mistakes.

The good thing is also that all CRM system are available on mobile devices and you can work with it even when you’re not at work and check all results and informations wherever you are!

CRM is about customers, relationships and how you manage your business. Customers choose and you do it. 



CRM software : introduction to Insightly 


While creating companies or developing small companies it can be useful to use unsightly free software. This software is made to educate, advice and connect through informations, tasks Data, contacts and opportunities. With this platform you’ll have general vision of all informations and historic of one customers thanks to centralisation of all clouds systems such as googledrive, dropbox, gmail etc. 

Many things are available on it, you can track email correspondances, have the opportunity to get a micro/macro vision on all situations, social media and email system are integrate together and contact opportunities are connected to tasks. Your Data on Insightly is huge and this platform helps you to remember and use all the informations and historic about your customers.

About MailChimp : Email Marketing, not SPAM. mailchimp.png

Mailchimp : free version, simple uses, 2000 subscribers, ..

MailChimp helps you create marketing campaigns with Emailing.

First, you created a list of contacts and put people into it (or people can also register), then informations about your email are required (message, where is from, links with social networks…). The good thing is that you can track the email and check how many people opened it, answered it etc which gives you the opportunity to see the impact of your campaign, real time. At the end of campaign creation you can fill contents, change views, colours, design etc and build the message with HTLM or Text (depending on how people wants to open it and with which software). Magical system : you can schedule the delivery time of this Email campaign, you can wrote it earlier and decide to send all emails at the same time one week after! 

Email marketing isn’t SPAM if you know your customers and what they want. 

Useful videos : 

CRM explanations :

Insightly demo

Mailchimp uses


The Good and the Bad // Commercials

Ok, so right now I’m going to do something I like : Watching 100 000 commercials on youtube, get lost, cry, smile, get bored… and feel as much feelings as I can in 3 minutes if it’s not less, of a TV advertisement. That’s something I like because depending on how I feel I will understand why/how this video is good or not as a selling tool. Let’s do Marketing analysis! 

I’m gonna start with the good, my favorite commercial in the past two years has been the one of the FIAT 500 XL which is called “Blue pill”. –> Check it out !

I love this ad, first time I saw it I though “This is amazing”. I know today a lot of commercials a provocative and sexually oriented like if sex was actually a sale tool. But, that one makes a bit fun of that image of advertising today.

1- It’s an old couple, a grandpa with a leopard robe (which is actually very funny image, like you technically will never imagine your own grandpa like that, except if t’s Mike Jagger).

2- The old Italy village remind you the original car, the FIAT 500 that climbs everywhere in Italian hills…

3- Viagra pill is a bit taboo so it feels like at first you’re a bit surprised by the situation and don’t know what t expect.

4- The link between the car getting bigger after the viagra pill get inside it, everybody understand the meaning but still, it’s subtle, and that’s why we like it and why we laugh.

Actually, the point of this commercial is to use humour and surprise to make people by another version of a mythic car. Those transformations are sometimes a bit rough for a company because people don’t get “why did they change the original?” but here, when you see the XL version you just think “that’s because of the viagra pill ahahah”. And this is how the advert of this car is amazing, you technically think about viagra when you see the XL version and the market accepted this version pretty well thanks to it!


Then, let’s go with the bad one! I’m gonna be annoying and say that : it’s a Finnish advertisement. I’ve been to the cinema several times in Kuopio and I saw this awful commercial “Milton Painajainen” from Lidl –> Check it out, it’s very weird !

I don’t speak Finnish, but, commercials should be understand by absolutely everyone even without noise. I understand that one speak about dairy products, but that’s almost it. You have a viking coming up from the middle of nowhere during the ad it’s very not-understandable ! So I couldn’t even tell you what this commercial is about and that’s why to me it sounds like a bad one. Plus, it’s a bit dark, the music isn’t very happy or motivating, you just feel like “what’s happening?” when you’re watching this and you actually almost feel uncomfortable !
I think that when you sell a product, or a service, it has to be clear in the video and it has to give people envy to buy the product. Here, you see a guy completely freaked out holding sometimes some milk/yogurt in his hand and then staying in front of Lidl store, staring. I guess it means he’s addicted to dairy product from Lidl but the whole video doesn’t develop anything but weird facts/dreams.

Here were my best and my worst marketing video! 

Pixlr & Cie

Today, as a class subject, we learn how to basically use Pixlr, it’s been quiet complicated and I’m not convince about this program if we don’t have any graphic tablet. But anyway, the plan was to use Layer and Layer mask to create a picture with a “hole” I’ll say that shows another picture. The example was with a window but I decided to use pictures from Saint Petersburg and use this cup of coffee from a famous chain and change the coffee cup into a souvenir cup. It’s not wonderful and amazing but I made it with the advices I got in class and manage to do it again at home so I’m quiet happy!

For more details I’ll explain quickly what are the main tools you can find on Pixlr, at least what I understood : 

  • Layer : A layer seems to be something you can edit, if you take your “image as a layer” you’re able to edit the image and all the elements on the image. If you want to delate something on the original image, add something, make a hole, move one piece it’s ok with layer, as long as it’s a layer you can do everything to your original image. When you’ve 2 layers you can play with it and mix them.
  • Invisibility : Invisibility is use to delete some default on the picture with the same background. If you’ve a black point on the sky of your picture you just use the tool “pipette” and then take some part of the blue sky and take the stamp to put it on the black point and make it disappear. It mostly work with small details otherwise you see the difference.
  • Layer mask : When you had a “layer mask” to your image, this one will be hidden in the back of another image of your choice and when you create a window/hole and the picture the layer mask will appear in this hole you made. To make some montage with 2 different picture is quite nice, for example you could make a fish form and it will be a flower pattern!
  • png, jpg, gif, etc formats :
    • GIF are creating for low resolution files and they support transparency that’s why they’re mostly used for logo, symbols etc because you don’t have any border and they can be put on any colours background. GIF support animation so they’re also use for that.
    • JPG are more for pictures and image with a lot of colours, they take in consideration way more colours than GIF that’s why they’re use by photograph etc who needs more precision, but the quality isn’t the best.
    • PNG is a bit like JPG but it’s made to be editing cause they don’t loose quality while being editing (JPG does) and they contain a lot of information so take a bit more space on computer because of this.

Right here you can find my amazing “piece of art”, I tried twice to save it normally but my computer was always developing a bug while saving it and in the end it never worked and I had to do the Pixlr work 3 times so I did a screenshot of the picture. I’m sorry about that! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 16.31.49

What about copyright ?

Copyright is about the belonging of an object on the web. If for example you take a picture of me, you’ve got the copyright of this picture because you took it. If somebody uses your picture for example for his blog, you can complain because it’s your picture and he used it without rights.

The definition of copyright is literally : “The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.” from Oxford dictionaries 

If you take pictures on google, all of them are not “out of rights” I will say, you can find some website or some indications that show you if you can take or not this picture for a public use. You need the “CC” nomination with means Creative commons on those pictures. Some website are available with exclusively CC pictures, for example Flickr that is very famous, and many other website that you can checkout HERE.

Let’s start Digital communication and Marketing project !

After a bit more than 2 weeks started with this semester, I could now develop what I’ve learned in this “brand new” course ! 

First of all, I’m really glad to see that this semester is way more practical than the first one, and this course will teach me how to deal with a wordpress website which is pretty much what I was expected. I always wanted to create my own blog to talk about my trips and adventures so as a good application of everything I’m learning in this class I’ll do at the same time articles and informations about subjects that are important to me.

I started with an informal introduction of myself with some funny facts about me, it will probably help people to get to know me better and to understand what kind of person I am. As “added informations” I put my Instagram for more “visual identity” and my linked account on which people kind find more professional informations.

I manage to change my theme, choose a police and change the style of my text. I also added some links so WordPress is pretty easy to use, it’s quite intuitive !
I putted some categories and tags to make my posts more “accessible” by wordpress users. With those categories people with common interest can find some posts interesting and might like it so it’s quite important to do it if you want to improve your visibility. For the course diary I created a special category so my teacher can only take posts that interests him.

I checked my “digital footprint” by googling myself, I found some networks I subscribe in but I’m not using anymore so I deleted some and I’ll try to continue this process because actually I get a lot of SPAM on my mailbox with it and it could be a good thing to delete all of them (if I manage to get my passwords!). All the pictures you can find on google are fine and those on Facebook are usually confidential (I pay attention tot that, except for some that I choose to make public). With a start in professional life a few years ago for summer jobs and internship, I’ve been already really careful since with all my virtual footprint.

Here is the whole thing about this new course! Learning all the tricks about WordPress creation!


There is one thing I like when I’m discovering a blog is to know who made it, why, and what are his/her life goals, habits, passions etc. I like to feel like I know this person because through a blog you give a lot of yourself even if your readers don’t know you personally. So first, let’s get to know each other, I’ll start!

Name : Mathilde, you can call me Mathou, Matoumata, Matt’ …

From : France, but I’m gonna write in english it’s way more cool (just kidding)

Profession : Student in Business and Marketing (or Panda depends on schedule)

Passions : Travelling, eating, singing under the shower!

Pets : A (not that lovely) beautiful she cat !

What I love to do when I’m travelling : hiking – walking in general, discovering cultures & people, jump into the water (sea, lakes, waterfalls, pools…), eating local food, get lost.

What I don’t like : That TGV isn’t international, for some reason I like this travelling comfort !

My biggest fear : Spiders, definitely, and it can be very complicated when they’re some around! Ask my parents…

Something (many things) I want to do : Meet my two best international friends (Canadian & Peruvian) on top of Matchu Picchu; Make a tour of Asia (Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam); going back to Australia; Discover Italy, Go anywhere in South America; Go hiking at Lake Tahoe (CA). That’s my minimum life goals… That’s a lot, but when you want you can.

My favorite food : Asian food definitely !

Favorite book : Just kidding I’m not reading (big default I know)

Something amazing I’ve done : Taking a bath with elephants in Nepal on the 24th of December #MerryChristmas

Something amazing I’ve seen : Aurora Borealis in Finland, I cried the first time I saw it (emotional little thing)

Something crazy that happened to me : Surviving at -30 degrees (feeling -38) in my city in Finland. #StillAlive

One stupid thing about myself : I can touch my nose with my tongue

Several things I miss when I’m abroad : My bed, red wine, family, my bests friends !

What I want to learn : Cross country skiing, ski touring, how to build a tent (LOL)

Favorite movie : “Into the wild”, of course.

A person who inspired me : A lot, some close friends, lovers, family but also people I met abroad because they gave me this open mind I have now.

My favorite trip until now : Nepal, because that’s where I found peace in mountains, help wherever I was, and the kindest people, they taught me a lot about myself and this trip changed me.

My favorite sky : Finland sky! No pollution, stars, amazing sunrises, amazing sunsets and aurora borealis.

My dream life in 20 years : A nice chalet in Alps, working for a french mountains material company in export level, a boyfriend why not, and mountain life forever because I need a place where I can breath. And If it’s not in France, it will be anywhere I can find nature, nice sky, and not too far from snow flakes!

Something I can’t live without : Dark chocolate

Something I wish I had : Orientation instinct !!! Get lost all the time and loosing time going in the wrong direction isn’t funny believe me!

I think you know a lot about me now, quiet a lot, of course I won’t tell you my deepest secrets but I’m sure you can imagine which kind of person I am with all of those informations! And if you have questions…just ask! 

Now, your turn. Tell me about you! 

To get an idea of what I can share with you, check my Instagram

And for more professional  issues check my LinkedIn