Coming back from Lapland be like

After a week in Lapland I’m still there in my head, it’s been a week in wonderland and I can’t just go back to Kuopio reality! 

I left there with a group of 51 students from Kuopio universities and we went on top of Finland in Levi, Kittilä. During this week we’ve done several winter activities and this made me completely happy!

We went skiing in Levi, the biggest ski resort of Finland where takes place the world championship! Of course, it’s not Alps but still, it felt amazing to ski there.


Then, we’ve been hiking with and without snowshoes, of course it’s much funnier without it because we felt down in holes that were almost as big as we are so it was quite funny to be around 10 people falling down all the time. It was quite a slow walk !! Then with snowshoes we’ve done it at night, first time for me, very very funny first because at night it’s even more “scary” and you’re immediately walking on your own shoes all the time and so you fall down! Beginning was ok, going up the hill, without anything around only snow. But when we went down, it was in the forest, roots and trees everywhere in the dark we had quite epic falls over there! When we arrived we went into a fire place hut with cookies and hot juice (typical from Finland) which was very appreciate after this walk that we ended around 11pm.

I also tried Husky sledging! AMAZIIIING! I which I had 6 dogs everyday here to help me deal with going to school because it way more fun with them! Plus, I’ the only dumb girl who felt down from the sledge while driving, so it’s been a funny moment running on the path of the dogs, let my self go in the 1m snow on the border screaming “stop” to the other groups well, a funny experience! I want to do this again please please. and the dogs are so happy to run and to be outside here, that you don’t feel guilty at all, they’re even more excited than you are! This is amazing.

Anyway, here is a video of my trip to lapland if you want to check it! 


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