There is one thing I like when I’m discovering a blog is to know who made it, why, and what are his/her life goals, habits, passions etc. I like to feel like I know this person because through a blog you give a lot of yourself even if your readers don’t know you personally. So first, let’s get to know each other, I’ll start!

Name : Mathilde, you can call me Mathou, Matoumata, Matt’ …

From : France, but I’m gonna write in english it’s way more cool (just kidding)

Profession : Student in Business and Marketing (or Panda depends on schedule)

Passions : Travelling, eating, singing under the shower!

Pets : A (not that lovely) beautiful she cat !

What I love to do when I’m travelling : hiking – walking in general, discovering cultures & people, jump into the water (sea, lakes, waterfalls, pools…), eating local food, get lost.

What I don’t like : That TGV isn’t international, for some reason I like this travelling comfort !

My biggest fear : Spiders, definitely, and it can be very complicated when they’re some around! Ask my parents…

Something (many things) I want to do : Meet my two best international friends (Canadian & Peruvian) on top of Matchu Picchu; Make a tour of Asia (Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam); going back to Australia; Discover Italy, Go anywhere in South America; Go hiking at Lake Tahoe (CA). That’s my minimum life goals… That’s a lot, but when you want you can.

My favorite food : Asian food definitely !

Favorite book : Just kidding I’m not reading (big default I know)

Something amazing I’ve done : Taking a bath with elephants in Nepal on the 24th of December #MerryChristmas

Something amazing I’ve seen : Aurora Borealis in Finland, I cried the first time I saw it (emotional little thing)

Something crazy that happened to me : Surviving at -30 degrees (feeling -38) in my city in Finland. #StillAlive

One stupid thing about myself : I can touch my nose with my tongue

Several things I miss when I’m abroad : My bed, red wine, family, my bests friends !

What I want to learn : Cross country skiing, ski touring, how to build a tent (LOL)

Favorite movie : “Into the wild”, of course.

A person who inspired me : A lot, some close friends, lovers, family but also people I met abroad because they gave me this open mind I have now.

My favorite trip until now : Nepal, because that’s where I found peace in mountains, help wherever I was, and the kindest people, they taught me a lot about myself and this trip changed me.

My favorite sky : Finland sky! No pollution, stars, amazing sunrises, amazing sunsets and aurora borealis.

My dream life in 20 years : A nice chalet in Alps, working for a french mountains material company in export level, a boyfriend why not, and mountain life forever because I need a place where I can breath. And If it’s not in France, it will be anywhere I can find nature, nice sky, and not too far from snow flakes!

Something I can’t live without : Dark chocolate

Something I wish I had : Orientation instinct !!! Get lost all the time and loosing time going in the wrong direction isn’t funny believe me!

I think you know a lot about me now, quiet a lot, of course I won’t tell you my deepest secrets but I’m sure you can imagine which kind of person I am with all of those informations! And if you have questions…just ask! 

Now, your turn. Tell me about you! 

To get an idea of what I can share with you, check my Instagram

And for more professional  issues check my LinkedIn


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